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Judith Weintraub

Sacramento Artist, William A Spencer III, recently chosen as one of 1990's Rising Stars by 'On the Wing' Arts magazine for Horvath Bass Galleries, was named as on of the finalists out of over 800 entries in the prestigious Crocker-Kingsley Exhibit which will run through June 7 at the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento. Spencer will also be featured in the coming issue of Sacramento Magazine for his unique and provocative works.

The media appears to have had a powerful influence on this artist's multi-faceted works as his art at once explores and exposes the lineaments of American Culture. In setting forth uniquely American Iconography and by asserting his innovative ideas about the presentation of his images (since he often hacksaws expensive heavy baroque gilded frames and then paints 'day-glo' colors into the 'wounds'), Spencer has challenged the prevailing canons of both subject matter and taste and appears to renounce purist concepts embraced by the school of modernism. He highlights the banal but by pulling it completely out of context. The common-place appears to transform for him into some sort of role-playing redemptive performance as he sounds off his warning against drifting off while Earth attempts to steady itself under fire.

Spencer's first major one-man show in the area will begin in June and run through the month at the Medusa Gallery on J Street in Mid-town Sacramento. There will be large works on canvas and panel as well as TV sculpture. Also Be sure to catch this upcoming star on the Art Walk coming up in May in Accurate Art Gallery, downtown.

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